Monday, September 1, 2008

Gypsies or Carnies....Who Broke Into MY VAN!

Yes, you read the post correctly! After living in our house for over a year, our van finally got broken into. Believe it or not, there is a praise that goes with this story!
This morning we decided to take the kids to a local Zoo that is only about a 20 minute drive from our home, in Nove. So I decided, hummmm we are going to Nove, I need to stop by a store and pick up my ceramics that I ordered a few weeks ago. So I go to the van to get my receipt out of the console. I open the driver's door and I notice that there are a lot of papers on the front passenger seat and on the floor. All of these were from the console and from the compartments in the front. I asked Hubby if he had been looking for something in the van?! He said NO, but yesterday he went in the console to get the kids passports and the dogs pet passport out. He came and saw the mess in the van and went NO, wasn't me! At that moment we both knew that it was Gypsies or Carnies that had rummaged through the van. We must have left the van unlocked last night,which we NEVER do. But thank the LORD we did, or else we could have had a window smashed out of it! Obviously they were looking for gas-fuel coupons and passports, which they didn't find. Thank God Hubby got the two out yesterday! Nothing else in the van was messed with and nothing was stolen.
I say Gypsies could have went in it because there are Gypsies here in Italy and they are known for breaking into peoples cars and homes. Especially if they know of a Military family. Carnies, I mention them because right now our town is having its Sagra(festival) and all of the people that work and run the Sagra are living on our street in there campers! So we believe that it was a Carnie and not a Gypsy that got in our van.
Funny thing......the Hubby's car was parked directly behind mine and his wasn't bothered. His doors were locked, but there was our GPS sitting on the floor in his car. No smashed windows or nothing.
So, I am praising the Lord today that yes, our van had been rummaged through, but there was no damage done.
Now I am thinking.......are they going to come back and try and break into the house? If they do, they'll be surprised when our alarm system goes off, and trust me, it went off on my the other day and it is extremely LOUD!
My question to you is, even though you may have difficulties going on in your life or something bad may have happened to you, have you stopped to thank God for them and for the good too? God puts nothing in our lives that we can not handle!

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