Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Back...

I don't like to post on my Blog when I will be gone.......so I'm back! The Hubby and kids and I went to Garmisch from Sunday-Tuesday. We went and provided Child Watch for our Chapel's Marriage Retreat. We had a nice get away from home and enjoyed being able to watch 8 kids ranging from age 5 months-4 years old while their parents attend Seminars during the day.

It of course was so nice to yes, once again be in Germany. And as the Hubby calls is"The MotherLand". Our name you know is German and the Hubby's family is of German desent. So this would be our last time in Germany! We truly did enjoy living there, the air is so crisp and fresh.

So now we are back, in Italy.....sigh......it is NOT Germany! We are all really ready to move now and leave Italy. I hope that we never have to come back to Italy.....we all four feel that way. We have made so truly wonderful friends here and we love our house that we are living in, but that's about it!

The Hubby is not doing well. He awoke yesterday morning with his left eye swollen and his left ear was double the size of his right ear, plus his left side of his face and head looked swollen. Still the same today. He will be going to the doctor in the morning. Say a prayer please that it is nothing serious. If you know us well and you know my husband, he always gets nothing ordinary!

The movers will be here in 6 days, on Monday and will be packing for three days. We'll see if they can do it in 3 days! They thought that they could pack us up and move us from Heidelberg,Germany to here in 3 days and it took them 5!!! So this week we will begin packing our big suitcases and laying anything aside that we do not want the movers to pack! Did I mention that we DO NOT fly to the States until November 7th! So we will be without our things for awhile, but the plus is that our household goods should be in the states around the 17th of November! So hopefully we will have a house and be up and running way before Christmas! That's my dream anyway.

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Cheri said...

You know - I guess that answers my facebook question. I'll be visiting Jackson in October...