Monday, June 25, 2012

A Quick Visit From the Desert

Father's Day ended up being a special day for the Two Teens and for the Major, the Major had to fly to the States from the desert for work and it just so happened to be that he flew in on Father's Day :) Happiness and smiles adorned the Two Teens and I as we drove to pick up the Major. It was great seeing the Major's smiling face when we arrived to pick him up, there was much talk and laughter on the drive back to the Cottage after picking him up.

We spent the evening taking the Major out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, those that know him know that he loves San Jose :) Then he opened his gifts from the Two Teens and the rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the deck talking, drinking coffee, laughing and of course the Major telling the Two Teens stories. They love it when Dad tells stories, especially funny stories of things that have happened to him or things that he has seen during his Deployment. And if you know the Major's Father, then you know that he gets his story telling from him, his Dad can have the Two Teens rolling and in tears from laughing so hard at some of the stories that he tells, especially air travel stories.

So the Major was only here for a quick 5 days, which he was here with the General for work, but it is so nice that he has to spend the night at home since we are stationed here. We had already had it in our minds that he wouldn't get home til late every night since the General was with him on this trip, but we were very surprised when he came driving up in the evening at around 7, no later than 7:30, it was a lot better than the last trip when he was getting home at 11:00 pm almost every night!

We're on the count down to his Redeployment, praying that his replacement is picked soon so that he will be home! We're under 60 days and we have faith and trust that it will remain under 60 days.

                                                                Day of Deployment

Father's Day

It was bitter sweet dropping the Major off last Friday and having to tell him good-bye. Good-byes are never easy, especially when your Spouse does a lot of traveling and a lot of it is to places that he can't tell you where he is going to. My only request before he left was a new picture of him and I together. I'm posting it here along with the picture that was taken of the Major and I the day that he Deployed.....a MAJOR difference! Hopefully the next picture will be when he Redeploys, and what a happy day that will be!