Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They Took the What.....Pool!?!?!

Forgot to mention that when we noticed that the van had been rummaged through on Monday morning that evening the Hubby asked me to come to the garage. He had up the garage door and asked me if I noticed anything. I told him no. Then he asked me if I did anything with our pool?! I told him no. Then I realized that our pool was gone! Oh yeah, the gypsies or carnies must have taken it! But funny thing is........they did us a huge favor! We had taken the water out of it on Sunday and had it all rolled up so that we could throw it away(it was a blob pool). We were going to get rid of it because we are moving and the filter quit working about a few weeks ago. Don't know what they wanted with it.......but now we don't have to drag it to the recycling center!
This is a picture of the Bookworm in our blob pool!

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