Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3- Movers Done By 12

Yes, the movers are done and all of our things are now in crates and gone! It is pretty sad when you see your things rolling away.........I mean, it's all of your stuff. The movers were here again before 8 this morning, they packed up the last few things, loaded 3 more crates and they were done by 12, just in time for them to go on their lunch break anyway.

So all in all, we have 13 crates that were packed and will soon be on a ship heading to the US. Wow, we're really moving back to the states, it's a great feeling. We are now just sitting here in an empty house waiting on our loaner furniture to arrive. They gave us a time frame of 12-5, I have a feeling that it will be around the 5 time frame, we'll probably be the last delivery for the day!

The Hubby is so bored, that he is outside cutting the grass while we wait on the loaner furniture, the kids are in the garage making forts out of the boxes that the movers left for them, and as you can tell, I am writing on my Blog!

Tomorrow life will resume as normal as the movers are done and hopefully we will have our loaner furniture, the Hubby will go back to work and the kids will be hitting the books!

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