Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Little Brother

For those of you who don't know, I have a younger brother. Today is his 30th birthday. Yes, he has a very important birthday date from the tragedy that happened a few years ago. But I don't think about that on his birthday, I always think back to when we were growing up.......

I remember when he was 2(I guess he was two, Mom, if you're reading this, how old was he?) he was being really quiet and we didn't know where he was. So Mom and I went looking for him and he had found the laundry detergent(tide powder) and was sitting on the floor and had it all over the floor and all over him! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he has red hair too, actually it looks more orangey than red. He was cute! Mom even has a picture of it!

I remember another time when he was about the same age and I was 5(I think, we're only 3 1/2 years apart). We were sitting in Church and he grabbed my arm and bit a hunk out of it! Hummm, he got his......Mom grabbed his arm, right there in Church, and bit his arm!! Go Mama! Needless to say, he NEVER bit anyone ever again!

Oh yeah, have to mention the time that we were at our Granparents and we were outside under my Grandaddy's shed, there was a pepsi bottle sitting on the concrete, so my brother picked it up and started guzzeling down the contents. Little did he know that it was GASOLINE in the bottle. Yes, my Grandaddy had put gasoline in a pepsi bottle. So there my parents went with my little brother to the Doctor. When they came back home, my brother had black smeered all around his face from having to drink charcoal, it was funny, but thank the Lord that he was OK.
And one last story, I tell my kids this everytime we go to Garmisch,Germany! We use to go to the Mountains in North Carolina a lot when I was little. I think that my parents took us to every Zoo, Park, Amusement Park and Attraction in North Carolina. Anyway, everytime that we would go, my brother would get sick! Yes, he would get car sick, yes, throwing up sick. So I would say, Jeremy is getting sick, Dad would pull over and we would take care of Jeremy. Back then seatbelts weren't even thought about and we had a Omni HatchBack, so my parents would move all of the luggage back with me in the backseat and Jeremy would get a pallet made for him in the Hatchback of the car. I think Mom has pictures of that too, I know that it is on the family home videos! Yes, I do have evidence of all of these things!

Anyway.....We had alot of fun together growing up. We lived in the country and my parents have alot of land where there house is. We would ride 4-Wheelers and Go-Carts all over the place, we had tracks everywhere, except in the front yard of course! We had an inground pool also so we would swim all the time in the Summer. We also had quit a few pets in our days too! We had goats, puppies, rabbits, cats, dogs, a racoon, a squirrel, parakeets, ducks and I believe that my brother had a rooster. Needless to say we both love going back to visit Mom and Dad whenever we can. We both live in different states than Mom and Dad, oh yeah, that's right, I live in a different COUNTRY! Gee! Anyway, the Princess and the Bookworm also love to visit Nana and Poppy's house, they have fun in the country.

So, to my little red-headed brother......hugs and kisses from your big sister on your birthday. It's about time you joined me in the world of 30! Just think next year you can be like me and say that you're 30-something!

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