Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Weekend in Garmisch,Germany

We love Garmisch, and any chance we get to go, we go! Last Sunday-Tuesday we went as a family and helped watch children for couples attending a Chapel Marriage Retreat. We enjoyed helping and enjoyed being around the little ones.
We had free-time on Monday afternoon, so we hit the Sommerrodelbahn! Our family loves this ride! It's just like a bobsled! And yes, this time the Hubby and the Princess and the Bookworm got Mom on it! So I thought that I would share a few pics. from our trip.
And yes, if you are thinking are we ready for the movers.......we finally are! Everything is packed and piles made for the movers NOT to touch. The only thing left to do is take down the trampoline, and the weather has not been in our favor! It rained all day yesterday and has thus far rained all day today too. It did however not rain this morning and the kids were able to play their first Soccer game of the season with Dad as one of thier Coaches, but once their game was started raining. And NO they didn't win, they lost 5-0!

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