Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am finding that with everything now packed up and gone, that I am bored. Yes, bored. Since Monday I have finished two new books that I bought! Yes, two books with about 400 pages in each one! And today, I bought another one when we went to Aviano to the kids' Soccer Game. I'll probably be finished reading it in a couple of days!

There just isn't a lot to do when you don't have anything in your house! I mean, nothing to clean, nothing to dust and I can only wash clothes so many times and they are all clean! Not a lot of dishes to do either. So I school the kids in the mornings and by lunchtime we are done, so from about 1 til the Hubby gets home or until it is time for me to start preparing dinner or time to go to Soccer Practice or Flute Lessons, I have nothing to do. So I read, or I have a puzzle that I am putting together or I play a board game with the kids, or I get on the computer!

I guess I should enjoy it while I less than a month and a half, we'll be busy with looking for a house and unpacking.........yeah!

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