Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jack and the Bookworm

Good news on Jack and the Bookworm. The Hubby has an Italian lady that works for him whom raises birds! Answer to our family's prayer for Jack. The Hubby talked with her this morning and she was very sympathetic with the Bookworm. She said that she would love to take little Jack the parakeet. She has 4 parakeets already at her home and would love to have another. She said that she has a big open area in her foyer where her parakeets are and they are able to fly freely all around. She said that Jack would be very happy. She has invited the Bookworm to come to her house and see where Jack will be living. The Bookworm is really anxious about seeing where Jack will go, and promises that he will only go to a very good home and one where he can keep in touch with Jack. The lady told the Hubby that she will e-mail the Bookworm and send pictures of Jack all the time so that the Bookworm can see how well Jack is doing. We will take Jack to her about a week before we fly to the states, it is already sad, but I am sure that it will be really sad once the Bookworm has to actually give Jack to her. Please pray for a peace to be over the Bookworm when that day in the near future comes.

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