Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beds and Treadmill....Sold!

So, yesterday was a good day. We sold our guest room bed, the captain's bed and the Princess's canopy bed. She has decided that when we get to the states, she would like a full size bed. We said sure, she wants to use my dresser and headboard that I had as a tween/teen. It is very pretty and is in good condition. It's called a pickle wood, like a dark pink color with little spots of brown/tan, very antiquey and perfect for her. So all we'll need to do is buy a full size mattress and box spring.

Yes, the guest room bed is also gone.........for all of you visitors that came and saw us.....hummm....the four of can atest to what a great bed it was! I think that it turned out to be perfect for our guests.

And then last last thing to go yesterday was the treadmill. It was in EXCELLENT condition and went to a friend of ours, so we know that it will continue to have a good home. And yes, we did use it, it wasn't used to hang clothes on or to collect dust!

The Hubby and I went out on a date last night to Regina's, our favorite restaurant here! It is a very small place that only sits about 20 people max and has a fixed menu of 10 euro and the food is beyond wonderful. It was a nice date, we enjoyed some time together away from the Princess and the Bookworm........Lord knows what they were up to at home......probably the computer on Club Penguin and the Wii! If you don't have date nights with your hubby, let me suggest starting the tradition. You and your spouse need to have time out of the house and away from the kids with grown-up conversation! We are rejoicing that the Princess is now old enough to kidsit and that our two kids get along well together so that we can leave her in charge. Although I do fear of coming home one evening from a date night with the Hubby and finding the Princess tied up by the Bookworm, you know little brothers can be a real pain sometimes! Then again, it could be worse, we could come home and find that they've tied the dog up!

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