Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Everyone Knows We Homeschool

Yes, everyone knows we Homeschool. It's funny when people ask the kids what grade they are in and the kids tell them. Then we automatically KNOW what their next question is going to be! So, who is your teacher this year? The Princess and the Bookworm always look at eachother and then at me and just smile! Then they turn to the person that asked them and they say in unison.....we're HOMESCHOOLED! Oh the looks you get, and then we hear, really, do you like it? I am thinking obviously we do or we wouldn't be doing it! Then you hear the question above all questions, well, what about socialization? Oh yes, I have learned to really LOVE that question. I always turn it back to a question to them, so what about socialization? Then I say, that is one of the reason that we Homeschool, because of socialization! The things kids learn in school from other kids, the language, the mouthy attitudes, poor mannerism, hummmm one of the reasons I Homeschool. Think about how much time is wasted on having to take time away from teaching in schools to correct discipline, too much. My child doesn't need to be in school to socialize! School isn't made for socializing, it's made for learning! My kids are involved in plenty of activities where they can "socialize". The are involved in Chapel functions, Youth Group, Sports(soccer), spending time with their friends, going on trips with their friends, having friends over, etc. So see, people need to really think about what they are asking when they ask Homeschoolers about"socialization"!

At home, we provide our children a quality Christian Education that they can not get in the DOD school here. Our History is based on our beliefs, right from the History book itself, God's Word, the Bible! In 4th grade the Princess was being Homeschooled and was doing US History, what were they doing in the DOD school, NO history whatsoever. This year the Bookworm is in 4th and he is doing US History. Military kids move around a lot, this too is another reason why we Homeschool. Like this year, we move in November and we will be moving again in May.......that would have made 3 schools that the kids would have been in and out of in less than a year's time! That is just crazy!

So enough of me on my soap box....here is a funny Homeschool Video that I found and I wanted to share it.........enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6uqj0_jQc

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