Friday, September 19, 2008

An Echo of A House

As you can imagine, it is quit strange not having any of your "stuff" in your house. So therefore is becomes very echoee! Yes, very! To the point where the Bookworm can not hardly take it! Trying to school yesterday afternoon was a challenge with the echo problem, I had to open a window all the way up to help with the helped, some, but then we were freezing to death! Yes people, it is cold here, contrare to what you may think, Itlay DOES NOT stay HOT all of the time, it does get cold here! It has just never gotten cold here this early before. Needless to say it has been cold enought to wear pants and long sleeves and a jacket/coat. I have even seen some wearing gloves and a hat and scarf. I am glad that I kept heavy coats, scarves, hats and gloves out for all of us and I didn't let the movers pack them up. I know that we want need them in SC, but we need them here! It can go in hold baggage, I suppose. Yeah, I didn't let the movers pack up the hat, scarves, gloves and the Hubby let them pack up end year report cards for the kids! Hummmmm, just so happens I need them to send to Abeka........Hubby, what were you thinking!

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Cheri said...

I remember the echoes as we moved out. We couldn't even turn the TV on at night because it kept The Boy awake upstairs behind his closed bedroom door.

That, my friend, is life without carpeting in a cement house.