Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had a wonderful and spooky Halloween! We decked our house out as usual with ghosts in the windows, tombstones in the front, and our witch that made a crash landing into the ground by her cauldron. Spooky...
We started out our evening by deck out the van as a "hippie" van and we participated as a family with Trunk or Treat at our Church. We had a great time and we had over 100 kids come through. We had flower that I had made out of bright colored paper, and ribbons hanging all in the van, plus our parachute that added some color as a blanket. We also had our bubble machine going. Our hippie van went along with the theme for me and the Captain this year. We dressed up as PEACE and QUIET. It was fun. I dressed up as QUIET and the Captain dressed up as PEACE. I have to admit that I did a pretty good job on his costume, he looks like a real hippie with long hair and the clothes! Our dog was a Clown, even though she could have passed as a Jester. She went with us and sat on my lap the whole time while we passed out candy, she was so good! The Princess went as a Love Bug, and the Bookworm went as a USC Fan. We had a great time together as a family. Now, on to thinking about what we are going to be for next year. I think that we will go with a theme for the whole family, even Sandy, our dog!
After Trunk or Treat we came home and the kids went around our neighborhood with some friends from Church Trick or Treating, while I passed out the rest of the candy that we had left. It was a great night, and all of our candy was passed out! Of course in our neighborhood that is not uncommon because we are the most popular neighborhood in our town to Trick or Treat in.

Hope that you had a Fabulous and Spooky Halloween :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Turned Up-Side Down Tuesday

Our morning did not start out like any other morning. The Princess got sick right when we were getting ready to walk out the door for school. I took the Bookworm, left her home, returned and made her appt. with our Doctor on Post. This made for a whole day on Post at the Hospital because we already had an appt. for 3 today for a CAT Scan for her. So we spent from 12-3:30 on at the Hospital :(

By the end of the day the Princess had a visit with the Doctor, blood test(6 viles were taken), urine test, shots and an CAT Scan. What a day! Prayerfully it will not take long to get results in from all. Poor thing, praying we find out why what happens to her every month happens. I can only imagine how scary it is to get dizzy, and completely not be able to see!

On the other hand......the last football game is this Friday, and that makes for the last time this year the Band will be marching as well. Can't wait to see the Princess and the Band march Friday night with their full uniform on. We have had a great time going to the games this year and cheering her on! It truely is Fall here, minus it not being cold here yet! Many are still in shorts and I have to admit that we are still wearing ours some days too! I am sure that Fall will be in the air at the Football Game on Friday night too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holding Out For The Long Haul

Well, we looked all day this afternoon after Church at houses. A few had the many things that we want in a house, but then there was always a few things that bothered us. Either the nieghbor was so-so or there was more room needed in the house. Long story short and 10 houses later, we decided to stay in the contract on the original house. We are stepping out on FAITH and praying that it will not take too long. Until then, thank you Dad, for letting the Captain borrow your truck! Why? Because we can not get any new line of credit until we close on the house. And, no using credit cards, except our bank card until we close. But that is okay because we didn't realy use our credit card anyway.

So, please keep praying that it want take too long on the house. It would be nice to be in it before Christmas, but if not we are fine where we are until it all happens on the house.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thundering Thursday=Fabulous Friday(I hope)

Yesterday was quite some Thursday, around here we call it Thundering Thursday! Not that anything bad happened, just one little thing that we have been dealing with for well, about a month now, our new house........yeah, that, we found out some more info. last night. So we learned last weekend, that the lady that is selling the house never did take it to Probate when her husband died and her husband did not have a will. So, in order to move forward, she had to go to Probate, which she did on Wednesday. Well, here is the kicker, he had two sons, so now that have to get a disclosure from those two sons. We were told that there still was a possibility that we could close next week, well, as of last night that changed from 1-2 weeks to 30-45 days!! The Captain and I are going, WHAT! (Geeewheez)

So, now we are we hold out for 30-45 days, or do we find another house? Thing being we have until the end of the year(hopefully) to get out of this house. Do I want to be moving during the Holidays!!! No I do not! I want to be in a house and settled by....Thanksgiving. The Captain and I have been praying for the Lord to show us the way, to give us a peace about what we should do. If we pull out of the house, we will eventually have to take the owner to small claims Court to get our VA appraiser fee & Home Inspection monies back. I have no doubt that we would win since she put a house on the market to sell that isn't legally hers! Gee, never in my days did I think that something like this would happen. And this prolongs our buying a new truck for the Captain as well, as we can not open any new credit or buy anthing on credit until we close! We're praying, we know that God has a plan, we just don't see it yet.

On another note, The Captain will no longer be a Captain as of January 1st!! Hurray!! The Captain will turn to Major!!'s been a lonnnnnnnggggg wait!

So today is Friday, and I am praying that it will be fabulous. The kids have a half day and get report cards today. The Princess has a Doctor appt. this afternoon, so I will pick her up from Band Practice early. Her throat has been hurting for two weeks now, she was on antibiotic, but it did not help, I am thinking that it is her tonsils :( Tonight, who knows what we will do, maybe rent a movie from the redbox.

Tomorrow....busy....the Princess has the Upper State Band Competition tomorrow and we will being going to see her and the Band march. Say a prayer, if they place and get a Superior, they move on to the Finals which will be held next Saturday, although the Princess has mixed emotions about it. She wants to place, but yet, she wants to be able to enjoy the Halloween weekend too! If they place, then she will have to miss hanging out at our Church's Trunk or Treat next Saturday and a bonfire that one of her friends is having. Humm

So, off I go to get ready to start my day, the Bookworm will be out of school in about and hour :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today felt really strange not having to work on classes for school! It is nice to be finished with my Bible and Philosophy classes, the only one that I am still taking is a Math class, it will be done the end of the year, but it is a great class and only requires about two hours a week :) I should have "A's" in both of those classes!!! Today was just strange not knowing what to do....the laundry I did on Thursday, and the house is clean! I had a Dr. appt this morning, and then I went and ran a few errands and met the Captain for lunch. Then I stopped at McDonald's and got my favorite of all favorites.....a caramel frappe! Yummy!! My appt. went well today, it was just a well woman check up, I go back to my thyroid Dr. in December. I can't wait because I want to see if my levels are up any. I feel a small amount of improvement, but not much. If my heels would stop hurting I would be feeling really good, but they hurt all the time. They hurt so bad that when I am sitting and I know that I have to get up and walk, I dread it! They hurt so so so bad. Then there is also the clearing of my cough is gone, but the clearing is a pain, and of course it comes in droves. In all, I give God the glory that my Doctor found out what was wrong with me, and now it is just a waiting game of getting regulated on my medicine. It was quit strange today filling out paper work and have to put down that I have a disease. Humm, strange, very strange.

So, today I am bored! The Bookworm is home from school, the Princess is at Band practice. The Captain should be home in about an hour. I have on the menu to cook for tonight, Mexican. Rice, beans, and soft tacos.

Today's post is just a bunch of rambling..........but don't worry I have plenty to blog about later from the Deacon, Pastor and Spouse Conference that the Captain and I went to this past weekend.

Today's Monday, start your week by praising God, and glorify His name throughout your week:)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

The Captain and I have had a wonderful weekend thus far. We left yesterday afternoon for a Deacon, Pastor and Spouse Retreat with wonderful friends, our Pastor and his wife. We arrived home this afternoon. It was a nice time of listening and learning with other Deacons, Pastors and their wives.

The Princess stayed with a Band friend of hers last night and is at the Band Competition today/tonight. The Bookworm went to the Beach with my parents to see my Brother play in the Master's Mini Gold Tournament. Go J! Hope you win!!

The Captain and I are deciding what we are going to do.....dinner, movie, Home Depot to check out new carpet for our new home, redbox it, take-out it....who knows what we'll decide.

Missing our dog.....she is with the Bookworm and my parents. It's dead and quiet around here without her! She follows me everywhere.....ruppy!

I finished 2 of my 3 classes yesterday for this Term, Praising God....I believe that I will have an "A" in each one of them!! The only class that I am still in the process of working through and it will end the end of December is an Algebra class. It doesn't take up more than an hour or so a week, so it's nice!

Looking forward to closing on our home, hopefully we will be closing by the end of this month! Def. need to start looking for boxes so I can start slowly getting things together! First must paint! All three bedrooms have to be painted before we move anything in. Secondly, old carpet out and new carpet in, then we can begin the move! Exciting!!! I hope we are completely moved in by Thanksgiving :) We have had faith thus far, and we will continue to have faith and lean on the Lord.

Off for now.....will blog more later on thoughts from this weekends Conference.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NASP World Archery Tournament 2010

The Bookworm and I just got back late Saturday night from the NASP World Archery Tournament in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.....and boy did we have a great time!

The Team as a whole placed 6th and the Bookworm placed 54th in his Division, which is awesome, top 55! What an honor it was to be able to go and for him to compete!

For those that Sponsored the Bookworm your names or company name was advertised on the back of a t-shirt that was worn by the Bookworm during his trip. You will see photos of him wearing it on this blog. He received so many compliments on his shirt. The front had a picture of a target with an arrow in the bulls-eye and under it was the Bookworm's favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ, whom gives me strength."

It was a fun trip, and we are glad to be back home and we are trying to get back into the swing of things. His soccer team won last night and the other teamed scored no goals on the Bookworm(he is goalie for his team)!

Again, thank you all for your support of the Bookworm and thank you for your prayers as we traveled, because we had a CRAZY, for real, a CRAZY bus driver!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking on The WORLD

We're here! We arrived in Orlando yesterday afternoon. Today was a day of sightseeing and swimming before the big day tomorrow and Saturday morning when the Wildcat Archery Team will take on the WORLD at the ESPN Sports Complex at Disney World, talk about an honor!!

The Bookworm will be in the 3:30 flight tomorrow, so all of you sponsors and prayer warriors lift up some prayers for him at 3:30! Only shooters are allowed on the floor, so all of the chaperones will have to wait up in the stands and view the flights from there. Thank goodness that I remembered to bring my binoculars! I will def. be using them to see the Bookworm shoot!

Today was a good day, we are all tired, I am thankful that the Bookworm does not have an early flight time in the morning so that he can relax before he has to shoot. I bought him a gaterade tonight at the CVS by the Hotel so that he can get pumped with sugar before he shoots:) Not my idea, he wanted it, hey if that is what he needs to calm nerves and shoot his best, why not!

Thank you to all of you whom sponsored the Bookworm. He wore his shirt today with all of your names on it, he got so many compliments on it. If you own a business, we put your business e-mail address on the shirt, who knows, you may get some new clients!

I will get you posted..........go Bookworm and go Wildcats!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ugly

My last post was about the contract on our new home and the Captain's wreck that he was in and we were hoping that the car didn't get written off by the insurance.....not the "ugly", it happened, the insurance is not going to pay to get it fixed, but you know what, God has had a plan all along! All we were focused on was the fact that we were going to have to get another car with another car payment! But, after much prayer and thinking, we remembered that the day that the Captain had the wreck marked one year til our van is paid off. After having made that payment and this months payment on the van guess how much we owe on the van.......exactly the same amount that the insurance is giving us!!! God is good! So looks like the Captain will be getting that truck he has been wanting and the van will get paid off EARLY and we will have a lesser payment than the van, plus, we want have to use the Captain's promotion money when he gets promoted!! Thank you Lord!!!

On another note, it looks like things are continuing to fall in place with our new house. All of the paperwork with the bank is signed, our home inspection has been done, the VA appraiser was out yesterday! far looks like we are going to actually close on our closing date the 27th of October!! If we close then, that will be the first time that we have bought a house and closed on time!

So, if you havn't done so yet today......thank the Lord for his many many blessings in your life!