Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 2~Packing and Crating

Today was another successful day with the movers. They are such a great company! These are by far the best movers that we have ever had! And I am not just saying that either! Today they arrived on time again, started packing and then another truck showed up with two more movers. They had on their truck 5 crates, so they began to pack up the things that had already been packed up in the crates. So we had 5 movers today! Excellent!

They took a break for lunch and then when they came back they had brought back another truck with 5 more crates. They left at 5:00 with the 5 crates packed!

So thus far we have 10 crates packed.....there should only be 2 more crates to go! Trust me, I'll let you know tomorrow how many crates we have.

So for now, it is time for bed!

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