Friday, September 19, 2008


Burrrr, yes, it is cold here in "sunny,warm" Italy! It's freezing! It is so cold in our house that when the Hubby gets home tonight from Pisa, he must switch the hot water thingy over to heat so that we can turn on some radiators! If my Dad were here visiting, he'd for sure have on his heavy coat! If I'm freezing, then you know it's cold! My nose feels like a popsicle! I have on sweats, a long sleeve shirt and socks!

I am guessing that the weather is going to stay like this, it's been almost a week of cold, chilly weather now! Burrrrrrr, it's time to make chili and hot chocolate!

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Cheri said...

I wish we'd cool off on a more regular basis here... Although in Italy, it wasn't so much the cooler air that was rough - it was the dampness! Ugh!