Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This past Sunday we got back home to the Cottage after being gone for a week. We were gone on vacation to the beach, Myrtle Beach. We had a very relaxing vacation. No agenda, just to sleep in, get up, go to the beach, and then do whatever else our family felt like doing for the afternoon/evenings. One word: VACATION

What is a vacation? Or leave? Or holiday(as called in Europe)? All are a time of rest, relaxation and pleasure. That is exactly what our vacation was too! The first time in awhile that we have been away on vacation as a family just the four of us away without going and visting family along the way. It was nice to just focus on the four of us.

I must say that if you want to have a really nice vacation, and a really inexspensive one as well, and you are an active military family, Myrtle Beach is the place to go! We received huge military discounts everywhere that we went. For example:

Ripley's Aquarium....the general price here is $21.99 for an adult(ages 12 and up). We paid only $21.00 plus tax for the 4 of us! Awesome deal! And to be truthful, it was not worth the regular price of $21.99 a person, thank you Lord for the huge military discount and thank you Ripley's!

Another place that we enjoyed was Mt.Atlanticus putt-putt. This is one of the coolest putt-putts in Myrtle Beach. It has high tiki huts and a high-rise tiki torch. The regular price at Mt.Atlanticus is $10.00 per adult and children up to age 12 are $6.00. We all four played for $24.00! Wow what another awesome military disount! We had a fun time playing at Mt. Atlanticus and I must say, if you're wondering who won, it was I....MOM!!

Another place where we enjoyed going was to Crabby Mikes to eat. We love going to Crabby Mikes! It's an all you can eat seafood restaurant with crab legs, along with over 200 other items! They gave us a 20 percent military discount. And we were stunned when the Bookworm tried fried shrimp and loved it! He ate two plates of fried shrimp!! Here's a pic of their infamous van!

Another place was Wild Water and Wheels. Wild Water and Wheels is a waterpark. We spent all day there, and had a great time! Once again we were given a nice military discount. Regular price per person is $29.95....our discount was $18.40 a piece! Awesome discount! Thank you Wild Water and Wheels! The Major and I enjoyed lazying in the lazy river for most of the day, although he did ride the slides with the Princess and the Bookworm too. Mom even rode some slides as well! It was a relaxing day. At the end the kids fed the turtles that were there, there were sooo many different sizes of them! They were all cute!

If you are ever in Myrtle Beach and you want to try something different than putt-putt then you must go to Maze Mania! Maze Mania is awesome, it's a maze, you must find the cheese and then find your way out. If you find the cheese and get out in 5 minutes or under, you win a free t-shirt! And if you're wondering if we won a shirt, no, but we did get out in under an hour, 40 minutes to be exact! We had a fun time!

The Major and the Princess enjoyed building a sand-castle. The Major and the Bookworm enjoyed playing football on the beach. The Bookworm also lived in the water enjoying his boogy board.

And of course we enjoyed going on the beach everyday. How can you not love the ocean. It's an awe to look at the ocean, and think that it is one of the most awesome and wonderful creations that God has made. There is nothing like sitting on the beach and reading a good book, and I must add that I read and finished two books on my kindle! It was also nice to get into the ocean water as well. I am usally one to not get into the ocean water, but it felt really nice.
The Major spending time with the kids. It's days like this that I'll miss when he's deployed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VBS,Father's Day,Vacation and A Birthday

It's been awhile since I have blogged, but I do have a good excuse as you can tell from the title! That's right, we've been pretty busy around the Cottage and not until today have I had some free time to sit down and even look at my Blog.

Alot has gone on.......we had VBS at Church(our family was in charge of Recreation time, and boy did we have fun), then it was Father's Day, then we had vacation(we left after Church on Father's Day), the ending the Vacation/last few weeks with the Major's birthday being yesterday. Whewwww......and now here we are and we are on a Terrific Tuesday.

I have lots that I want to blog about, but I think that I'll split it up into separate titles and blog about them each individually. That should keep me busy with blogging for awhile! So for now, I'll bid you good-bye and leave you with a must read book. If you have not read "Heaven is For Real" I strongly recommend that you get this book and read it, it is a MUST read!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Thus Far.....

Summer thus far at the Cottage has been quite busy, but it has been a good busy. This week we are helping with VBS at our Church. Our family is in charge of Recreation, it's been fun doing the Recreation part of VBS, I think we'll stick with it and do it every year!

We're gearing up for our family vacation, it will be nice to getaway for a while and just concentrate on us, our family. It's hard for people to understand how it is during a deployment, I get tired of trying to explain it, unless you've been through one, you have no clue! I could keep writing about this subject, but I don't want to, on to another.....

I picked my first tomato out of my garden today. It's exciting when you see the harvests of your hard work! I have put lots and lots of hours into my garden. I enjoy gardening, it's my passion.

I also love my children and the Major. I don't look forward to the Major leaving, my heart will be half empty when he is gone. In a month from now, we'll be on the countdown and I am not looking forward to it. But I do plan on staying very busy!!

For now I wish you a fun summery day :) Go make some memories!!