Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy as Bees

Spring has sprung and this family has been as busy as bees! We have now started games for softball with the Princess and baseball with the Bookworm, not to mention regular practices as well.......thus busy! But it's a nice thing to be busy, we're out the house and enjoying the beautiful warm weather and sun that we have been so blessed to have lately.

Last night the Princess pitched another awesome game! Pitcher is her thing, and she knows it! The other pitcher last night on the other team, didn't even compare to the Princess at all! The Princess and her team won 2-9! Way to go!

The Bookworm's attitude of playing is very different than that of his sister! I guess that's the difference between an all boy team and an all girl team. Boys can be so mean to eachother! You can tell the different parenting styles that people have, or should I say, the lack of parenting. It just bewilders me at some of these boys and the rudeness that they have! He plays center outfield and does an awesome job at stopping the balls! He hit really well last night too! They lost, I don't know the final score, but they lost by 2.

So today is a free day for us, no games and no practices that is until tomorrow, the Princess has a practice tomorrow. Next week there are practices and games again. We are praying that it rains for their games on Thursday and that the games get rescheduled. I know, what a silly prayer right? Well, see, the Princess is getting inducted into the National Beta Club on next Thursday evening, the same time as their games, so they will miss their games. If it rains, they technically want miss it, and they can play them the next night! Please help us pray for rain for next Thursday!

May you have a truly blessed day today and enjoy the wonderfulness of God's glory!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break and A Movie

Well, this week the kids are on Spring Break. The week started off great. My husbands parents came down to see us over the weekend and we had a nice visit with. And no I didn't not go off of my healthy eating fact, I lost 3.5 lbs! I will not break my weight for anything!! I have complete self-control when it comes to eating out or when we are at someone else's home, there is ALWAYS smart, healthy good for you food to eat instead of the junk that are at a lot of restaurants! I have come to far(35 pounds now)to go back to the weight that I use to be!

Sunday after Church, the Princess and I decided to go and shop for me! Yeah, feels wierd saying that! The Hubby deemed it a Mommy day for Mom to go shopping with the Princess and to buy for Mommy! I went to put on a dress to wear on Sunday for Church, and it looked like a moo-moo on me! In fact, I tried on several dresses in my closet and they were all moo-moos on me! It felt so good to throw those dressed in my yard sale pile!! I have lost at least 2 dress sizes!! Yeah! So off to shop the Princess and I did. I bought five new shirts and a pair of capris. I was looking for an Easter dress, but I didn't find one. I did however buy the Princess an Easter dress! I know I know, it was suppose to be a me day, but you know how it goes, I was going to have to take her back to get a dress anyway, so I went ahead and got it while we were there! I'll have to go find one for me when we go to my parents this weekend!

So Monday was a rainy day and the kids and I just hung out in the house all day. The kids slept in and I did laundry ALL day!

Tuesday was a cold day here, high of 54! The kids and I bundled up and I took them Spring shopping. I bought the Bookworm 5 new shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. Or as he calls them "short-pants"! The Princess only found 1 shirt that she liked and it was on the sale racked marked down from 19.99 to 1.99! What a bargain! After clothes shopping we went and opened up their savings account at the Bank, then we went to Chik-fil-a for lunch. The chargrilled salad is yummy there! Then it was off to POST! The Bookworm had a giftcard to the PX that was making a hole in his wallet, so he wanted to spend it. I detest going to the PX, we were in and out and he spent his 25.00 giftcard in less than 20 minutes! A record time!! We spent more time waiting in line for him to pay for his new game than him picking out a game! Then it was off to Aldi for grocery shopping! We were in and out of there within an hour, and only spent 134.00 for two weeks of groceries!! Not bad, not bad at all! Then we headed home stopping at our local Food Lion to pick up english muffins and skippy peanut butter(Aldi doesn't carrry these!). Then we were home! I fixed dinner, we ate and the Hubby took the Bookworm to baseball practice. I very productive day indeed.

Today was a great day! The kids slept in, the bugman came for his quarterly bug spraying of the home and then we left to go see Monsters VS. Aliens in 3D. I was glad that we went to the Matinee. Matinees cost 7.00 here, the Military discount at anytime is 7.50 and the regular cost is 9.00. So we had 3 matinee tickets at 7.00 a piece and then an extra 10.00 for 3D glasses! It was 31.00 for the matinee! Yikes! It was a good movie, and I will surely be saving our 3D glasses for when all the other 3D movies come out soon so that I do not have to pay 10 extra dollars again! After the movie it was time to go by Books a Million to buy a trip book on Washington,DC where we will be going in June for vacation. Then it was off to home! Oh yeah, and the Princess's softball coach called and said that practice had been cancelled for tonight and rescheduled for Saturday, I don't think we'll be there, it is Easter Weekend, not going to be at softball, we're going to spending it with family!

What does tomorrow hold? None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. As we get ready for this Easter weekend, are you ready for Eternity? If you died right now, do you know where you are going to spend Eternity. Do you, without a shadow of a doubt? Have you asked Jesus to come into your life, to be your Lord and Savior? If not want you ask Him today....He's waiting with open arms.

"Books were opened, including the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to the things written in the books. Each one was judged according to the deeds he had done." Revelation 20:12