Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cleaning,Cleaning Over the Deep Blue Sea

Yeah.........gotta love cleaning, especially deep cleaning. That is what we have been doing the past two days! In order to get ready for our movers whom will be here on the 15th of Sept. We cleaned the entire downstairs yesterday. The downstairs consists of; the laundry room, bathroom, living room, dining room/kitchen. Today we cleaned the guest room/computer room and cleaned out mine and the Hubby's closet. Last weekend we cleaned out the garage and our master bedroom and master bath. The only two rooms left are the Princess and the Bookworm's rooms!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, it's sure to be fun! So tomorrow that's what we're doing. Then Monday we'll clean all of the outside things, like flower pots and lawn furniture and we'll take down the trampoline and clean out my bird house. After that, we should be good!? Until we have to pack up the things that need to stay out so that the movers don't pack them up! Fun, oh yes, moving is soooooo much fun!
This makes move number 13 for us in 14 years of being in the Military, you would think that it gets easier.......but it doesn't! OK all of my friends that are also in the Military and have moved countless times, any tips!???

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