Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marositca Human Chess Game

I totally forgot to blog about the Human Chess Game that we went to a few weeks ago in Marostica. It is the city were the Human Chess Game originated. It was a wonderful experience to be able to go and see it.

Although the game itself was very short, the parade of townsmen, horses, dancers, firebreathers, fireworks and etc. were neat to see. The costumes were absolutely beautiful. We are glad that we were able to go and see it since we are due to move and we wouldn't have had another chance to ever see it.

This wierd thing was quit strange and spooky looking, don't really know what the point of it was!
Here is a closet.....I guess it is suppose to be Medusa(note the snakes in the hair)?! At the end there were fireworks coming from the castle, it was pretty. It was a fun evening. Another memory to add to our European Adventure.

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