Thursday, July 31, 2008


This week the kids have been in Camp and Mom has been enjoying some time to herself doing the things that kids hate to do like shop! So this morning a friend and I decided that we would get on the train and spend the day in where else but Venice! Yes, it still amazes me that I can just jump on a train and in less than an hour I am in Venice.
This makes about the 10th time that I have gone to Venice since we moved here over 1 year ago. It's funny, I never get tired of going. And what is funnier, is seeing all of the tourists there taking pictures and etc. and me thinking in my head, wow....I am not a tourist here, I am actually a local that lives here! How funny.......who would have ever thought!
So my friend and I had a wonderful time, we shopped for Murano jewelry(and yes Mom you may get a piece for Christmas or your Birthday), had lunch and the best lemon slush that I have ever was so warm in Venice today.
So now I am home, tired and ready for bed, thinking about the last day of Camp for the kids tomorrow, Hubby is taking the day off and we are off to Verona for the day.
So move over Juliet, I've got my own Romeo!

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