Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a terrific Tuesday. I have one commitement that I must do on Tuesdays till the end of August, and even though I had it today, it was still a terrific Tuesday. The kids and I woke up at our usual time on Tuesdays, and started our day. After Mom's commitement, we then met Dad at the Commissary for lunch and picked up items so that I could prepare meals for today and tomorrow. After the Commissary we came home and well, just did whatever. I woke-up with a headache this morning so Mom sat on the couch and took a nap, something that I never do! I awoke to a head feeling alittle better.
The Princess was suppose to babysit this evening, but it got canceled. She has another babysitting job on Friday evening. She is really starting to make the dough on babysitting. She was really excited, yesterday she was able to put her name on the American Red Cross Babysitting Referral List at CYS on Post!
The Bookworm hasn't been much of a Bookworm lately, he's been vegging on X-Box! Oh well, at least he does read when he gets in his bunk at night. It's how he can fall asleep, reading! He loves days when we do not have to go anywhere, and the rest of the week looks that way!
HighSchool Sweetheart has just really realized that we will be moving in about 3 months! Now he is really in the mode of PCS'ing and all of the "must do's" before we go. Not only the things for us in order to move like car shipping and movers, but things at his work and planning his Change of Command.
Wow....our tour here is almost done....can it be......have we really been in Europe for 5 years.....am I EVER going to see ROME!(you know it's the last place to go on my list)

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