Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nectarines or Peaches

I am on a roll after my trip to the Commissary today! For those of you not in the military, the Commissary would be our grocery store and being here over seas, it's our only place to get groceries! Unless of course you want to go off Post with the extremely high Euro rate, but still they don't have all of the same food as the Commissary does, you know the things we Americans use! Anyway, let me tell you all about it.......
When you walk in our Commissary, the first thing that you see is the produce(it's like that in almost all Commissarys). So I see a big white sign in front of the PEACHES that says: 4 for $1.00. So I tell the Princess, humm, that is a good deal for the Commissary, so I think that we'll get 8. Got them, put them in a bag and put them in the buggy. Then I see another white sign that says Cantaloupe, 59cents. I say to myself, I know that they don't mean 59 cents, it's more than likely 59 cents a pound. So I grab one and put it in the buggy. So we shop and get a few more things and then we go to check out. Now let me just tell you that ALL of the employees in the Commissary here in Italy where we live are all Italians, except for the two managers, this will help you with the rest of the story. There is a law that says that they have to have so many local nationals working in all American Facilities on Posts in Italy. Anway...
Now we are at the check out. I see the checker scan the cantaloupe then I see that she had already scanned the PEACHES. So I look up at the screen and I see that she rang up the PEACHES as NECTARINES. So I grab the bag of PEACHES and tell her that they are PEACHES and not NECTARINES. She tells me NO they are NECTARINES I tell her NO they are PEACHES.(listen folks, I am from the South I know the difference between a peach and a nectarine, if it's got fuzz on it, guess what, it's a peach if it doesn't, it's a nectarine) She continues to tell me they are NECTARINES I tell her they are PEACHES. I tell her that they are PEACHES and that the sign said 4 for $1.00. Then I ask her what the cantaloupe rang up for a pound, she tells me 89 cents. I tell her that the sell sign said 59 cents. So.......she calls the produce person, whom is also Italian. So she comes to the register and now, the checker, the produce person and oh yeah, the BAGGER are all talking in Italian to eachother about MY produce. Helloooooooooooo, I am standing here, ENGLISH please in a POST STORE!!!
So the produce person tells the checker that no, the sign for the PEACHES says $1.49 a pound, I tell her NO it says 4 for $1.00. Then she says YES, the cantaloupe is 59 cents a pound. So, I tell the checker to keep the PEACHES and rescan the cantaloupe at the right price. Oh yeah and the checker said OK, she'll put the PEACHES back!! Oh but it gets better!
So then the checker goes and says, well I shop here too, so I know the prices, I tell her that I shop at the Commissary weekly and that I am not STUPID that I KNOW what the sign said that I CAN READ!! So I pay and then I go with the Princess to see the white sign that was at the PEACHES and guess what.......it had been removed..............I think that I was right after all!
Oh boy I am counting the days when I DO NOT have the only option at shopping at the Commissary! A place where I can get double coupons and get buy 1 get 1 free items! The Commmissary is a rip-off to us that live over seas serving our country! I will not be shopping at the Commissary where we will be moving too. Less than 90 days till we move from here, you bet I'm counting the days!

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Cheri said...

Since we only get double coupons in the Kroger 30 minutes away I still mostly shop for food at the commissary. Our area has a hgher cost of living and the commissary is cheaper most of the time (and I CANNOT stand the Walmart and try to avoid it whenever possible)