Sunday, August 3, 2008


So Friday the kids both had their last day of Camp. Hubby decided to take off and he and I went to Verona for the day. Verona is the home of Romeo and Juliet.
We had a nice day. We took the train to Verona and then walked to the city square from the train station. It was a good 2 the heat! Anyway....
We toured the Arena(Roman Ampitheater) first. It is said that it houses the largest stage in the world. It is thought to have been built in the early first century. It was very facinating. We enjoyed walking all the way to the very top of the Arena. They were setting up the stage for the Opera, Aida. The Hubby and I thougth at that moment how nice it would be to go back to the Arena and to see an Opera before we move. Here is a picture of the Arena and Hubby.Next we walked and found Juliet's House with the famous balcony. You know the balcony where Romeo proclaimed his love for Juliet. It was neat to see, and there was even a bronze statue of Juliet in the courtyard of the house. Here is a picture of Juliet's balcony.

Next we went to the Fiume Adige(Adige River). We stood on the bridge and looked at the castle up on the hill. We tried to take a picture of ourselves with the castle in the background! I want post it, but here is a picture of the castle with the river running in front.

We found Romeo's house next, it wasn't that thrilling to see, just a house that now houses a restaurant. We walked through the market on the way back towards the Arena. We actually caught the bus back to the train station instead of walking the 2 miles back...thanks Hubby!So, I can now say that I have been to Verona. It was a nice day with HighSchool Sweetheart.

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