Friday, July 18, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Today was a Fabulous Friday. It all started with the kids and I being able to finally sleep in for a change! Ever since Summer has started, we have yet to be able to sleep in. I have to admit that I slept till 10:00 and it felt good! Then I had a day of doing absolutely nothing! I made a point of doing, nothing today. It's been along time since I have had a day of not having to go any where and to do nothing! So the kids and I just hung out all day today at home.
Highschool Sweetheart came home at a nice time today from work and he grilled steaks for dinner and we added them to the baked potatoes that I had baked. It was a wonderful dinner. The steaks were so moist and tender and the potatoes were big and so good since I baked them in the oven. I put a little olive oil and sea salt on them and then wrapped them in tinfoil, put them in the oven and baked them for about 2 hours this afternoon.........perfect! I also managed in my day of doing nothing, to make a strawberry cheesecake for dessert. It was divine!
The Princess and the Bookworm, have been faithfully doing their chores lately, which is really nice. Every day they take turns, setting and clearing the dinner table. It really is a big help to Mom. They of course have other chores that they must take responsibility for and do too. Like feed the cat,dog and bird, take out the trash, put up the clean dishes from the dishwasher, etc. It was brought to our attention by the Princess and the Bookworm that they needed to start getting allowances again.(We use to give them half of their age in allowance every week)We informed them that we all live in our house as a family and each family member has their responsiblities in the house in which they must take care of, therefore there is no allowance. We also informed them that they do not need an allowance because generally if they want something, they usually get it, unless it is just a really extreme request for something. Which that really rarely happens, they are very good kids and they do not ask for a lot.
The Princess's Birthday is on Sunday. She is the oldest and will be turning 12! She is really growing up. She recently started kidsitting and has made well over 100 dollars for the same kid. She has a regular sitting job on Tuesdays and Thursdays and gets paid 6 dollars an hour! So, she gets paid 18 dollars a day which is 36 dollars a week. Pretty good! She wants to save her money for her own laptop, and the rate she's going, it want be long before she'll be able to get it! So, tomorrow the Princess has a friend meeting us at the movies and then the friend will spend the night and go to Chapel with us on Sunday and then we will go take the Princess out to one of her favorite restaurants for lunch......Ming Ching. We'll come home and have icecream cake and open presents. Then in the evening I am sure that there will be calls from Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. The Princess is having a Luau Birthday Party next weekend and has invited 6 of her closest friends over. She wants Dad to grill ribs and burgers, Mom to make my famous German roasted new potato salad and her brother, the Bookworm, to be the little server and serve tropical drinks in coconut cups that we ordered.(they of course will contain NO alcohol!) It should be a fun time, our little girl is growing up!
Well, should go for now, nothing is on TV here tonight as usual, so I am going to take a very long hot bath and then curl up in the bed with a good book, or maybe a sudoku puzzle! Till tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog!! It's so fun to read about what you guys are up to.

Talk to you Sunday (: