Monday, July 14, 2008

RFO(Request for Orders)

Yes, you read the Post right and you are not dreaming! My HighSchool Sweetheart(names not used for identity purposes) received word a few weeks ago that we will be leaving our tour here in Italy early. He received his RFO on Saturday, so hopefully this week, he will have his orders. We will be headed to the Career Course in SC for 6 months and we do not know as of yet where our follow-on assignment will be. So, early November we should be on a plane with a one way ticket back to the states, with our zoo in tote....1 cat, 1 dog and 1 parakeet!
We have lived in Europe for 5 years, and we are all four ready to move back to the states. Alot has happened in those five years. The kids were so little when we moved to Europe, the Princess was only 6 and the Prince was only the Princess will be 12 in less than six days and the Prince is 9. We want say how old Mom and Dad are, but I will say that we are 5 years older than we were before we moved here!
As you can imagine, parents and especially grandparents are happy at the announcement of our return. We too are happy and can't wait to shop at all those wonderful stores that we have missed and to eat at our favorite restaurants once again. You can only shop at the PX or order things from online for so long! And not to say the least the food court and the PX and Burger King we never want to see for about a million years when we return! I think I hear Chick-fil-a calling my name now!

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Cheri said...

Hey - where in SC? Let me know