Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After Summer, the kids will not return to DODDS(school on post), they will once again stay home and we will Homeschool. They are happy to be returning home to school and I have to admit that I am excited about it as well. Plus, with our move in a little over 3 months, it's definitly the right choice for us this year. I can't see them starting school on Post and then pulling them out to move and then putting them in another school to just move at the end of May again anyway! Too much, that's just too much for the Princess and the Bookworm. If I school them at home, they will have a stable school environment while we move. And for those of you thinking what about socialization, my ? to you is, what about socialization? My children do not need to be in "school" for socialization. They participate in Sports, Arts, Bible Study, have friends over, etc. So I am not worried about my children being socialized. I have found that when I put them in the DODDS school here on Post this past school year, that they bothed picked up a lot of things from kids or "friends" at school that they have never heard of or said before! Plus Highschool Sweetheart and I found ourselves having to talk about a lot of things to the Princess and the Bookworm before we were wanting to talk about them. Soooooooo, Homeschooling works 4 us!
The only thing that I am finding quit difficult this year is what Curriculum I want to us. In the past years of Homeschooling I have used the Abeka Academy, and that is what I was going to use this year too, but for the past couple of days I have been looking around online, and I am beginning to rethink my decision on using Abeka Academy. I definitely want to use an Accredited Academy or School. So today I checked out SouthEast Academy and Grace Academy. Both of these are accredited and both offer on-line classes, unlike Abeka, Abeka only offers DVD classes. I know for sure that I want to use either DVD or on-line classes for the Princess, she is computer savy and it would really appeal to her. On the other hand, I do not know about the Bookworm, should I still use regular paper books with him....or go online....or DVD, I am not sure.
Oh what to do?!?!?! I know that God will provide the answer to what to do, it definitely will not be in my time, but His.

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