Monday, July 21, 2008

The Vet

This morning I had to take the cat and dog to the Vet. The cat needed his 2nd booster and the dog needed another micro-chip. The one that she has is from Poland and we do not have any idea what company it is with, so we decided that it would be best to get her another one since we will be moving soon. And just in case she gets lost, they'll know who she belongs too!! Anyway..
Of course I left an hour early for our appt. Our appt. was at 9, so I left at 8. Plugged in the GPS and off we went...Mom, cat, dog, the Princess and the Bookworm. We get to our turn and there is a detour. OK, no problem, they are cutting down trees and detouring us. OK, so the detour puts us on a one rut road. Oh yeah, a one rut road! So I am driving the van on this one rut road, and did I mention it's in the middle of a field, and I am praying to God the whole way that I do not meet another car! Thank you Lord for answering my prayer!! So we finally get to the main road that we are suppose to be on, get to the big traffic circle to make our turn and low and behold, it's blocked, we can't go the way that we are suppose to go! Now what!! Good grief!! So I pick up my cell phone, call the Vet and tell them the deal and ask for help for another way. Oh yeah, and I tell them that we will definitely be LATE, it was 8:45 at that time! So I follow her instructions to go back to the round-about at the Autostrada and I take the road adjacent to the road that I took before. Oh yeah, plus I hit detour on the GPS to see what it said to do. We went a way that ended up being a lot better than our regular way! We made it to the Vet eventually, LATE, but only by 10 minutes........go figure! Patience is the key word for today, even though several "detours" were thrown in front of me this morning on the way to the Vet, I knew that there was no reason to get all anxious and in a flurry because we would eventually get there.
"Let us run with PATIENCE the race that is before us." Hebrews 12:1

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