Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Surprises

Sunday was definitely an afternoon of rest in this household yesterday, we had a busy week this past week and after Church and lunch yesterday, we all four came home and just crashed! Until that is we had a little surprise......
The Princess and the Bookworm were in the pool for the majority of the afternoon on Sunday while Mom and Dad were inside watching a movie. Dad decided to go and check on the kids. When he came back in the house through the garage door, in darted our cat, Milo, whom is 5 months old and is actually the Princess's cat. Anyway, he darted in and stopped right by the couch. WE ALL looked at him for he had brought us a prized possession, a bird, in which he had just caught! Yes, a little bird in his mouth and in my HOUSE! So, Dad opened up the front door so that Milo could go back out, with the bird! The Bookworm was so horrified that Milo had captured a bird and felt very sorry for the bird. So Dad had to be the Hero and get the broom to make Milo drop the bird. Needless to say the bird was already dead, but we didn't tell the Bookworm that.
Yes, it was definitely a Sunday of Surprises!

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