Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Month of Giving:Day Three

Giving:Day Three
Thursday, October 13th

Today was a great day, the Major took a day of leave!!! We went to lunch at Red Lobster, took his truck to the repair shop to get an estimate for the insurance(from the wreck that he was in, not his fault), got a caramel frappe at McDonalds(boy do I love caramel frappes!), and make a return and purchase at Lowe's.

The Bookworm got home from School at around 3:15 and I helped him get his clothes packed for Nana and Papa's for the weekend. I also helped the Princess get her things together when she got home from Band Practice. I also got Sandy and Daisey's(our two cockers) things together for Nana and Papa's too! I put all of the Bookworm's bags on the barstool and put a birthday gift for my Aunt on the bar, along with a piece of my homemade apple pie for my Dad to take for when he picked up the Bookworm tomorrow after School. My Dad loves my apple pie, so I new that he would appreciate that I saved a piece for him. The Major and I are going to Myrtle Beach for the weekend and The Bookworm is staying with my parents and The Princess is staying with a friend that's in Band with her. It was a busy day of making sure that everyone had everything that they needed for their sleepovers, not to mention the several loads of laundry that I also did and dinner that I made :) I was pooped by the time the kids went to bed!

Today my gift the piece of homemade apple pie that I saved for my Dad. Knowing that he would smile when he saw the piece on the bar for him when he picked up The Bookworm made me happy. Even though The Major and I wouldn't be home when he picked up The Bookworm, I knew that my Dad would have a smile on his face when he saw it sitting there and he would be grateful, and even happier when he got home and was able to consume it!

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