Sunday, October 16, 2011

Month of Giving: Day 6

Giving:Day 6
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today was an AWESOME day in the House of The Lord! Our Region's Awana Missionary came to our Church today and spoke during our morning worship service. I enjoyed hearing him speak. He spoke on the importance of Children's Ministries.

Tonight we had the pleasure of having him come to our Awana's Program. He didn't just come and watch, he came and jumped right in! He listened to kids say their verses, participated in my lesson with my T&Ts, sang praise songs with us and prayed with us. All of the kids loved him, and he spoke to every one of them, he took the time to get to know everyone. He is a very personal person and he loves being an Awana Missionary, you can tell.

I have a total of 14 kids in my T&T group. On the first night I asked all of them if they had their own personal Bible. One of them told me that he didn't have a Bible, so a couple of weeks ago I went out and bought a Bible for him. He hadn't been there in a few weeks and he was back tonight. So, when everyone else rotated to Music, I kept him and told him that I had something for him. I wrote his name in the Bible that I had bought him and told him that it was his. A huge smile came across his face, he told me that he had never had his own Bible before. I was happy that I was able to get one for him. I told him that now he had his own Bible that he could look up verses in and he would now be able to study and read God's Word any time that he wanted to. He smiled again and said thank-you. That was enough for me :)

My gift for today was the Bible that I gave to one of my T&T boys. I pray that through him, God will allow this boy to witness and minister to his family that they all may come to know Him.

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