Thursday, October 20, 2011

Month of Giving: Day 10

Giving:Day 10
Thursday, October 20,2011

Today was our Friday in our house...why?...because the kids do not have school tomorrow. Tomorrow morning = sleeping in!!! I am looking forward to sleeping in and so are my two teens!

I am realizing that the more that I give, the less I think about my own needs and problems. No matter how bad we may think that we have it at times, there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you!

Today I bought a mum and a sympathy card for a friend/neighbor of ours. Their family lost their Uncle, they were really close to their Uncle. I wanted to do something for them, so I decided to get them a mum. Mums are such a wonderful plant because you can plant them and they come back year after year after year. I thought that it would be an awesome idea to get them a mum because when they plant it year after year when it blooms it can remind them of their Uncle. I have a plant that I got from my Grandfather's funeral and it is still living. Every time I see it, it not only reminds me of my Grandfather, but also of my Grandmother. It makes me smile and remember.

Today my gift was a mum........what did you gift today......who's life have you touched........who have you made feel important..........who have you made smile?

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