Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Month of Giving: Day Two

Giving:Day Two
Wednesday, October 12th

Today was my second day of giving. My brother stayed with us last night on his way to Myrtle Beach for the Mini Gold Master's Tournament, he got in at around 11 pm and crashed on our couch. I made homemade waffles and sausage for breakfast this morning, everyone enjoyed! Own his way off to Myrtle Beach, my Brother quickly grabbed a sheet of paper out of his bag and asked if I could mail it for him. I asked him if he had an envelope already addressed with a stamp on it, he said no, so I told him that I would take care of it for him. He showed the address of where to mail it and I told him not to worry that I would get it in the mail for him today. He was then off to his Tournament....hope he wins!

The Princess had an orthodontist appt. today and we had Church and I had Choir Practice. I was elated when the love offering basket came around at Choir tonight because I finally had spare dollars in my purse to give! I eagerly grabbed the basket, reached in my purse and grabbed the only money I had, $3.00, and happily threw it in the basket. This money is used to to put towards fruit baskets, etc. for those in our Choir that may get sick, have surgeries, etc. We also had an awesome Choir practice tonight, we practice our anthem for Thanksgiving, and it sounded terrific on the first(and only) run through!!!!!

So today, I count addressing and mailing my brother's letter, and my $3.00 contribution to the Choir love offering as my gifts for the day.

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