Monday, October 24, 2011

Month of Giving: Day 13

Giving:Day 13
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today was a wonderful day in the House of the Lord! I love Sundays! The morning started off with my Sunday School Class, I love my Middle School Sunday School Class, they are a great group of Teens! After Sunday School we had a wonderful Worship Service! Then, after Church, it was FAIR time!

Our two kids have never been to the State Fair. And NO it isn't because we just would never take them, it's just because we lived in Europe for say, umm, 6 years!!!! So after Church, we came home and changed, ate lunch at McDonalds(more monopoly pieces....go ahead and laugh, when I hit it big I will NOT share with you!!), then we made it to the State Fair! And I must add that it was FREE admission for us Military people!!! So nice, it saved us $40.00!! We walked around, the kids rode some rides, they played some games, ate funnel cakes, bought a candied apple with nuts, etc. etc. etc.

So my giving today was to The Princess. We all four played the game were you roll the ball into the holes and your horse moves and if your horse makes it to the end first, you win! So, yes, we all four played, family time! And it was fun! And guess who won....yep, that's right, Mom did, I did!!! So they asked me what stuffed animal I wanted and I turned to the Princess and asked her which one she wanted. She of course picked the red angry bird :) And if you are thinking that it wasn't fair because I didn't win anything for The Bookworm, it's ok because he had already played another game and he won his own self something :) The Princess smiled when the game person gave her the angry bird. I have to admit, the angry bird it cute!

Today I gave to my Daughter.......what was your gift to someone today?

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