Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Month of Giving: Day 8

Giving:Day 8
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This morning was a usual morning in our household. The Major left for work at around 6:30 am, the Princess was up get dressed for school and I woke up the Bookworm at 6:30, with him finally getting up at 6:45. He is my hard one to get up in the mornings! I, as usual, pull up the lunch menu on the computer to see if I need to make the Bookworm's lunch or not, of course it's items that he want eat, so I'm off to the kitchen to make his lunch. Once I finish making his lunch, I remember that I saw a slip of paper in his room that said that he had an over due Library book at School. I reminded myself that when he came downstairs from taking a shower that I needed to tell him that he needed to get $1.20 of his money and pay his fine and turn in his book. I wasn't going to pay it because I didn't forget to turn it in.

I then got dressed and started know what, we have change, let me look in the Major's change jar and my wallet for coins. So I rounded up $1.45. When the Bookworm was getting ready for School I gave him the change and told him to pay is fine with it. He smiled and said thank you and then left for School. After I got home from taking the Princess to School, I noticed that the Bookworm had left some of the change on the bar. Oh well, guess he figured he had enough to pay the fine and he only needed $1.20 and didn't want to take the extra 25 cents.

When the Bookworm got home from School I asked him if he turned in his book and paid his fine. He said yes. He then told me that the Librarian told him that his fine was 5 cents more than what he had. He said he told her that he didn't have anymore change and she told him not to worry about it that he was fine.

My gift today was to my son, me paying his Library fee and through this small act of kindness, he also saw it multiply even more to him though his Librarian. Acts of giving can be a catchy thing ;)

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