Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Month of Giving: Day 14

Giving:Day 14
Monday, October 24, 2011

This morning I waited from 8-11 thinking that the Time Warner person was suppose to be here....not...I called and it's tomorrow morning! So I wasted a few hours this morning waiting :(

On another thought, I decided what I was having for dinner this morning after taking the Princess to school. I don't like figuring out the menu each day thinking of what to have for dinner! Tonight we had hot wings and rice-a-roni and broccoli, it was yummy!

Today was nice today being able to pick up the Princess right after school. There is no more Band Practices right now because Competitions are over, so she'll be home right after school from now on, which is huge because we want have to wait till 7 to eat dinner anymore!

So today I pick her up from school and she's telling me about her day, then she tells me that she needs a book,"Lord of the Flies"for English Class and that she needs it by Friday. Note: she did not ask me to go and get it today for her. So I tell her, get my phone and look up the number for Books A Million, she does and she calls to see if they have the book. They do, so I tell her that I will drive right now and get it for her. She looks at me and smiles, then says, but I don't need it till Friday you don't have to get it now. I drive and we get her book.

My gift today was driving the Princess straight from School to the Book Store to get her book for English Class. I didn't have to go and get the book today, but I did.

Have you started your giving challenge?

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