Saturday, October 15, 2011

Month of Giving: Day Five

Giving:Day 5
Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Today was The Major and I slept in! We then got up and got dressed in our shorts and tee shirts and we then went and got breakfast which was included with our stay at our Hotel. After a wonderful breakfast The Major wanted to go for a walk on the beach. We went back up to our room to change into our swimsuits and heading down to claim our spot(not that we needed to because it was off-season and there were many many lounge chairs to pick from)where we sat and sunned yesterday. Although I really did not want to walk on the beach and get all sandy, I agreed and we strolled the beach. We walked up and back down the opposite side that we walked last night(Last night the walk was nice, there was a full moon and it was beautiful!)we walked 20-30 minutes and then we headed back to our "spot" and then we headed to the hot tub. We soaked in the hot tub for awhile and then lounged in the sun talking. I was amazed at the number of butterflies flying around, they were everywhere and they would fly as high as the hotel!

At 12:00 we checked(we requested a late check-out) and we headed to find the Bass Pro Shop. We looked and shopped for about an hour then it was time to decide where we were gonna eat for lunch......California Dreaming it was! And it was good! We both got their famous Californina Dreaming salad and it was delicious! After lunch we filled up the van, and ran an errand for my Mom at a Shop called the Christmas Mouse. Then we headed home stopping at McDonald's for large carmel frappes on the way!

Today my gift was to my husband, The Major, the love of my life! My gift to him was walking on the beach this morning with him. Even though I really didn't want to walk on the beach because I didn't want to get all sandy, I knew that he did. I knew that walking on the beach would make him happy, so I put my own feelings aside and I thought of him. I am glad that I did.......the wet sand on the bottom of my feet with the cold water hitting my toes felt wonderful and The Major's hand holding my hand was priceless. We were just one couple lost at sea :)

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