Saturday, October 15, 2011

Month of Giving: Day Four

Giving:Day Four
Friday, October 14th

It's 9:00 am and The Major and I are on our way to Myrtle Beach! We got the kids off to school, loaded up our luggage in the van and we're now on our way! We pull into McDonald's for breakfast, hit the drive-thru and ate in the van on our way. We shared great breakfast together and had great conversation too! We got into Myrtle Beach around 12:00 and we were both famished, bet you'll never guess where we decided to get lunch.....yep, McDonald's!! This time we went in and ate, afterwards we went to Hudson's Flea Market and walked around for awhile. Then we went to our Hotel. Check-in at the Hotel wasn't til 3:00pm, it was only a little after 2:00pm, so we were hoping that our room would be ready! To our surprise it was! What a nice room the Major found us, right on the beach, with a balcony over looking the ocean! So nice!! We put everything in the room and changed into our swim-suits and went to the pool. Yes, the pool! Believe it or not, it was 80 degrees at Myrtle Beach, it was very beautiful weather. This Hotel had 5 heated pools, 2 heated lazy rivers, 1 heated kiddie playground pool and 3 hot tubs! We got into the lazy river and we decided to be lazy in it for almost an hour! We both had floats/tubes and we just floated and talked and talked and talked! The we got into the hot tub for awhile and then we lounged on the lounge chairs suning, talking and drinking coffee! Around 4:30 we decided to go up to the room and get ready for the Show that we had booked to go see that night at 6. We were dressed and out the door by 5:20 and at the Show at 5:45.

Before we went in to see the Show, I texted my Brother to let him know that we were going to dinner afterwards and would he like to meet us for a late dinner. He said sure and after our Show we met him at the Restaurant. We had a wonderful time talking, laughing and eating all you can eat crab legs with my Brother. It's very rare to spend time together like that together, I enjoyed it very much. After we were done eating, I told my Brother that we would pay for his meal. He smiled and said thanks, that the food was really good and that he would definately have to come back and eat there again!

My gift for the day was paying for my Brother's meal. I know how it feels when somone says that they will pay for your meal. You're surprised, happy and grateful all at the same time! A few months ago some friends of ours from Church asked us to go to a Christian Concert with them, they said that the couple that was suppose to go with them couldn't so they had two free tickets to give to someone and they asked us to go. We said that we would love to go, so we did. We enjoyed the Concert. Afterwards all four of us were famished so we decided to go eat. When the bill came, the couple payed for us. We were not expecting them to pay. We were very grateful for their giving that evening with the tickets and the meal. It made me feel very pleased and happy to pay it forward to my Brother. I love you J!

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