Monday, October 24, 2011

Month of Giving: Day 12

Giving:Day 12
Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today was Saturday and what a nice Saturday it was! The day was beautiful and the weather was awesome! It was a nice Fall day today and the perfect day for raking the pine straw that had fallen in the front and back yards of The Cottage.

Not only was raking done, but picking up of pine cones and sticks was also done along with mowing and planting a few plants. It's amazing how the yard takes on a whole different scene after you do yard work, it's like a different canvas! Beautiful and a sense of accomplishment!

Today my giving was not only picking up pine cones and sticks in my yard, but also in my neighbors' yards as well. I extended my pick-up in the yards of both of our side neighbors. I know that our one neighbor fosters children and as of right now they are foster parents to a special needs child, so I know that they do not have a lot of time to work in their yard, so I decided why not extended my pine cone and stick pick up into their yard, so I did. The neighbors on our right are a dual working couple with 3 kids ranging from 8, 6, to 2. They live a very busy family life, so I figured why not extend my pine cone and stick pick up into their yard too, so I did. What was really cool about extending my work into their yard was that neither neighbors were home, so it was a giving in disguise! I love giving secretly and in disguise!

Have you given to someone today?

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