Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's Day(Luck of the Irish)

Go green people, go green! Hope that you have on your green today because it's St. Patrick's Day. I remember back to when I was little and in Elementary School, I always made sure that I wore green on St. Paddy's Day because all of the mean kids would definately pinch you if you didn't! Mean bully kids, wonder what they are doing in life now!

Our St. Patrick's Day is so nice here, the weather is so warm and beautiful and it's suppose to continue through the weekend. I'm going to definately be outside the whole weekend! I'd rather be outside than inside any day!

This morning I was up and out early, right after the kids were off to school. I had to go back and see my thyroid doctor to get my test results from Tuesday's bloodwork. The Major and I prayed for our Doctor before we went in, we know that he isn't a Christian, it's pretty obvious. We prayed that he would treat me, adjust my meds. so that I can get on the road to getting better! I went in and picked up my lab results prior to my 9:20 appt., so I knew that my levels were off. I'm called in to see him and the Major and I pray we get answers to why I have been feeling so fatigued and so sensitive to cold. So sensitive that I have been having to wear a jacket when I sleep at night! So, my Doctor looks at the results of my plasma and sees that my TSH Sensitive is way too low and that my FT4 is alittle higher than it should be. He said that my FT4 will never be within the normal range and will always be alittle high, but it was higher than he would like for it to be. My TSH was so so low. It was to the point of almost nothing! And if it were to go to nothing, that would not have been good! I think maybe that is why I have had trouble recently when I go to speak and it's hard for me to say things or remember what I want to say or hard to get words out of my mouth because I know what I want to say, I just can't say it. I left seeing my Doctor with a word of caution to not take any thyroid meds. until Monday when I start my new dose. I am praying that my new dosage regulates quickly so that I can start feeling normal again, whatever normal is!

After the Doctor I decided to go to the Commissary....I have not been to the Commissary in like 2 years here! I was dreading it, because there are so many retirees there all the time, but to my surprise it was not bad today! Maybe it's because I went on a Thursday! Anyway, I picked up some groceries which I had about 40 dollars in coupons for....yes! And for now I am watching the show Four Weddings with the Princess. The Major has an engagement with work tonight after work, and the Bookworm is on a field trip(in which his chartered bus broke down and now he will get back 2 hours later), so the Princess stopped and got a yogurt at our Town's yogurt shop on the way home from school, now we're just hanging out spending some Mom/Daughter time together.

Thanking the Lord for answered prayers today :)

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