Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Cottage

Our home, we call the Cottage, is slowing taking on much added TLC and extra features. We are proud to own our own home again, it's fun being able to do things to it and add things as well.

Front of the house has had many updates since we have moved in: shutter replaced, mailbox and post painted, house numbers added to mailbox post, flowers added around mailbox, gutters added, boarder grass added along the front huge flower bed, and up along the sidewalk and around the front flower beds, basketball goal cemented in the ground by the driveway, front porch painted and the trim on the garage, peep hole added to the front door, and the whole house pressure washed and cleaned(by us). I would say that we are finished in the front :) And we are proud, it looks nice and has a very nice curb appeal.

Not only has the front yard taken on a new look, the backyard has been transformed as well: flower beds added along the whole back of the house and shrubs and flowers planted, gutters added to the back of the house, back of house pressure washed(by us) and back porch cleaned, garden fence up and garden planted, asparagus beds cleaned out and border put around them, swing put up, all fruit trees cleaned up around and pine straw added, blackberry and raspberry beds cleaned and border added, shed cleaned out and flower beds added around shed with shrubs and flowers planted, tons of trees and shrubs planted from my Mom's and Grandparents homes. View of the back from when we bought the house to now.....PRICELESS!!

So now on with the new projects! Exciting.....deck was started yesterday, should be done, we are estimating next Saturday :) And of course once the deck is done, flower beds will be added around it to give it alittle punch! After the deck will be the fence for the backyard. Can't wait, it will be nice to have a fence so that the dogs can stay out without us, although they are pretty good about not running off, they usually stay right in the back with us. I also want to paint the white trim around the shed and spray paint the hinges black. Later, we would also like to tile the back porch, maybe we will do that when we are done with the deck ;)

Love, Love, Love being outside! And Love, Love, Love our cottage!!

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