Monday, March 7, 2011

The Princess

The Princess has had a lot fun lately, and has been enjoying being a Freshman this year in High School. She has always been out-going and this year has been no exception for her. A few months ago, she decided to participate in the Junior Miss Pagent at her School. She had so much fun participating in it and is already talking about doing it again next year. She was so beautiful on stage, we are so proud of her!A few months ago the Princess had Region Band Auditions. She did very well and made 8th Chair Flute in the the Clinic Band for her Region, Region 3 in the State of SC. She is the only Freshman flute player from her School that made it! Last weekend we were honored to hear her play in the Clinic Band Concert. She was so excited, and you could tell she was by the expressions and smiles that were displayed on her face the whole time she was playing. Congrats Princess....Mom and Dad are proud!

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