Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daylight Savings, Decks & Doctors

This past Saturday we set our clocks up an hour, fourtunately, it hasn't affected us in our home. No one has complained about the time or has wanted to sleep later. I know that the Major enjoys getting home with daylight now. Before he left for work in the dark and got home in the dark.

We are starting a new project at our home. The new project for us is putting a deck on the back of the house when you come out of our screened-in porch. The Major and I are so excited about getting this done, it will be nice to have a deck where we can put the grill and patio furniture. Although the patio furniture is in the screened porch as of right now, I can't wait to have it out and on the deck. Ground breaking,I believe the Major said, will be on Saturday, gotta feeling we will buy the wood Friday evening. Next project after the deck will be a fence, and hopefully we will have it up and done before the kids are out of school and before Summer :)

Doctors: Yesterday I spent the majority of the day on Post seeing my Doctors. I called yesterday, "Mom is taking care of herself day", and that is exactly what I did. Starting out the morning I saw my family Doctor and addressed the issue that I have been having with my heels. My heels have gotten to the point that I dread to get up because I know that they are going to hurt me so badly, it brings me to tears. Luckily I have a Doctor whom has the same thyroid disease that I do and she also knew exactly what the problem was with my heels because she has the same problem: advanced plantar fasciitis. What do we do about it? Podiatry consult, which will then in turn give me inserts for shoes/shoes/surgery and possibly a device in which to help my heels at night when I sleep so that they are not so painful when I get up. We will see once I go to the Podiatrist. The other thing that I addressed with her was my hands. Both of my hands have been going to sleep at night when I sleep. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night trying to wake-up my hands. She believes it could be one of two things: carpal tunnel or a reaction to a medicine that I am own. We will see, in the time being, my Doctor has put me in a 24/7 arm splint for my right arm(since my right arm fingers are still numb when I wake up and are numb most of the day) and I got blood work done too, so we will see. At least we are on the road to get answers :) Then after lunch I went back to my Thyroid Doctor, Dr. Blue. I wasn't suppose to see him again until September, but I am sick and tired of being cold all of the time and tired of feeling fatigued all the time too, my thyroid medicine is suppose to be taking care of those problems! So, more blood work was done on the other arm! On Thursday we will see if my levels for my thyroid are off or not. If they aren't then I am supposing that I could be having a reaction/side effect to my thyroid medicine as well. All in all it was a good day, and such a blessing to have a family Doctor that has two of the same problems that I have! It is nice to know someone that stays cold all the time(because you have a thyroid disease) and has to wear a coat or a jacket all the time like I do, and who also sleeps with a jacket on and has layers of blankets on their bed. Someone that knows how painful it is with my heels, someone that knows first hand! And did I mention that she is also a Christian?! What a blessing it is and a difference it makes to have a Christian Doctor.We talk about the Lord and His blessings together, so wonderful! Def. a blessing with being able to see her, because my thyroid Doctor is obviously not a Christian and there is a huge difference when I see the two. The Major and I prayed together for him before we saw him yesterday and we will pray for him again before we see him tomorrow to get my results.

A cloudy, dreary day here today. Hopefully the sun will shine just alittle today because the Princess starts softball tonight. Be a blessing to someone today, be an encourager, be a listener, be a helper, be a friend, be spontaneous, be doer.

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