Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 5

Today is Day #5 that I am still in pj's and still sick! Yesterday was the first day since Sunday that I have been out of the bed and that was because I had to go to the Doctor and on Tuesday afternoon when I had to go to the Doctor. Started feeling sick on Saturday evening, just with cold symptoms, by Sunday morning that had developed into a cough, stuffiness, etc. So Sunday, Monday and all day Tuesday until I had to go to the Podiatrist about my heels, I was in pjs in the bed...sick! I was looking so forward to going to the Podiatrist on Tuesday afternoon about my heels, that I made myself go, I was not going to cancel no matter how sick I was and I'm glad that I didn't! I loved him, I believe that I may be on the road to feeling a lot better in my heels, which he diagnoised me with extreme plantar fasciitis. So, I have two exercises to do with my heels, inserts for my shoes, I new presciption for the intense pain, and he also gave me two shots of cortizone in my heels. I go back in one month. My heels are in no pain today!!! Praising the Lord, thank you for a Doctor that knew what to do! God is so good!! And I ordered two pairs of shoes Tuesday evening that are specifically for people with plantar fasciitis....I can't wait to get them in the mail, they look just like normal shoes, so I am so excited about trying them! Yesterday morning, I woke up took the Princess to school and made up my mind that I was sick of being sick! So, I called and actually got an appointment with my PCM and off to the see her I went! I knew that I would get taken care of when I saw her. I love our Doctor, God surely sent her to us, we needed her! It is so nice to have a Doctor that is Christian and isn't afraid to profess it! Love, love, love her! So, wheezing was heard in my lungs, which means bronchitis, which means almost pneumonia, which means I am now on an antibiotic, prednisone, and an inhaler along with my other two daily meds. and my new med for my heels! Plus throw in the tylenol and robitussion with codiene that I have to take at night and that is a grand total of 8 meds.!! I don't care how many meds. I have to take I am just ready to get well! Still raining here and is suppose to rain through tomorrow. I figure it's the perfect week for my body to decide to get sick because we all know that I love to work outside in my garden/yard and that wasn't going to be an option with the rain this week! Praying I am better for our Neighborhood yard sale that we will be participating in on Saturday, if not I will chug through it! Be blessed friends, do something for someone else today that will make the Son shine :)

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