Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain, Rain and More Rain

It's been rainy here since Saturday afternoon, and there is no sign of it stopping until Saturday. I am not complaining, I love the rain, and it is especially good for my garden. The grass will def. need to be cut this weekend after our neighborhood yard sale on Saturday. We have a garage full of stuff to sale at our yard sale! It will be nice to get it all out of the garage and be able to claim our garage back! I'm still sick, this makes day 3. I am praying that it is just a cold and not the lymphnoid infection that I had a few months ago. I'll give it a few more days, then I'll go to the Doctor. For right now I am just going to continue resting, although I may make a batch of my Granny's chicken-n-dumplings for dinner tonight, this rainy, cold weather puts me in the mood for them, although I can't taste or smell! The kids start their Spring Break this weekend, it looks like they will start their Spring Break with a break in the rain, which will be nice for them. The Major and the Bookworm are planning on camping in the backyard this weekend, we'll probably build a fire in the firepit and roast hotdogs and marshmellows. I know that both of the kids are ready for alittle break from school.....Summer will be here soon! They only have two months of school left, their last day is the last day of May. We'll probably take some vacation soon after they are out. This year we are staying close to home for vacation, we will go to the beach for a week and the mountains. It'll be nice not to have to travel far. And of course the kids will be going to their Christian Summer Camp as well. The Major and I will probably take advantage of the week that the kids are gone and we may go somewhere ourselves. As for now, I am enjoying the rainy day, thanking the Lord for today and the blessings in which He has given me.

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