Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Danke Schon, Merci Beaucoup, Muchas Gracias, Thank you

Every one in the world knows the phrase, "thank you". If every language can speak it, then why doesn't everyone say it? What does thank you mean?

Thank you: An expression of gratitude.
An acknowledgment of appreciation.

Please and thank you are two things that parents start teaching their children when they are very little, along with yes and no. Or in our case we teach yes ma'am and no ma'am, and yes sir and no sir. I can't stand to hear children say yes or yeah, or no or NO. To me, it's rude and shows no respect, but that is just my opinion. So if we are teaching our children from an early age to say these things, shouldn't we be incorporating them into our life as well? Shouldn't we be an example to our children? If we want them to use manners, we should be using them as well.

I am a strong believer in thank-yous. A thank you is a showing of apprection to someone. A thank you can be verbal or written. Lots of times many have no trouble at all giving verbal thank- yous, but many have trouble giving written thank-yous. This is another big pet peeve of mine. I believe strongly in written thank-yous. I have always sent written thank-yous, I believe that it is an important acknowledgment. Why? A written thank-you is especially important because it is showing the person that did something for you that you value their time and consideration.That you noticed what they have done and that you are very appreciative. I send thank-yous to people that have helped me with projects, or have brought a meal over to our family if one of us has been sick, or if one of us has received a gift say for our birthday or Christmas, etc., or if someone did something like check our mail for us while we were on vacation, etc. You get the idea. Many people receive gifts, etc., from people that don't live close to you. It's especially important to acknowledge that person with a thank-you note, why, for two reasons: #1 it lets the person know that you received their gift, etc., and #2 you are giving a note of gratitude and appreciation. If the person that sent the gift, etc., never hears from the person that they sent something to, how will they know that you received their gift, etc?

Many complain of not having anytime to send thank-you notes. Sorry people, but that is no excuse! We are all busy with our daily routines and life in general, and if we can't take the time to acknowledge what someone else has taken the time to do for us, we are in the wrong. And this is the day of technology.....hello, send an e-mail! We all check our e-mail daily and send e-mails, send a thank-you by e-mail, or text. The most important thing is to send a thank-you somehow.....just do it! Preserve what little traditions we have left, I want my children to learn from me, and when they are out of mine and the Major's home and own their own, I want them to continue carrying on the tradition of sending an old fashioned thank-you note.

There are many references of "thank-you" in the bible:
2 Timothy 1:3 "I thank God for you".
2 Samuel 2:6 "May the Lord now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this."
Ruth 2:12 "May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully for what you have done."

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