Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, today I think that we finally received all of our Homeschool Curriculum. We'll be returning to Homeschooling this year after a year of being in DODDS. We are all four excited to be Homeschooling again. We feel that it is the right choice for our family since we will be moving in November and then again the end of May to.........who knows yet!
The Princess will be in 7th grade this year and the Bookworm will be in 4th. The Princess has been telling the Bookworm all about 4th grade because I Homeschooled her 4th so she knows the curriculum and knows what her brother is in for!!! He of course does not care and can't wait for Mom to be his teacher again. As he says.......Homeschool me FOREVER!
The Princess will be using DVD's this year and is very excited about it. I think that it will give her more variety than just Mom schooling her at the table the whole time! Yes, I will still be teaching her, but most of her schooling will come from her teachers on DVD.
We have used Abeka Christian Academy in the past and are once again using it again. I love the fact that they are Accredited and that the kids are part of a Christian Homeschool Academy, plus they keep all records of the kids grades and also send report cards. Nice!
So....we may begin schooling on Thursday....we'll see!

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