Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back from Camping @ Camp Darby...Pisa,Italy

Well, the Hubby,the kids and I just returned from a four day weekend of fun Camping. We love to camp........and yes we do it, tent style! But we love it! The weather was cool and yes it rained, but only a light rain and NO our tents didn't get water in them! We had a fun time, hanging doing nothing but being together. No TV, no electricity, we wouldn't even let the kids bring their gameboy or ipod. We played Scrabble alot, it's one of our favorite games to play, and I have to say that I am the Champ, so you can imagine when Mom finally got beat and it was the Bookworm whom finally beat Mom!

It was a fun time. We went to the American Beach and stayed all day, and we all four sustained from getting sunburns......yes! Of course the kids are so brown from this summer already, they've been in our pool almost every single day! We also enjoyed the pool at Camp Darby too.

Now we're back home and the Hubby and I cleaned out some of our books today and have a lot to give to the Library on Post and to a friend whom has just started to Homeschool her oldest son, he's 5. Next weekend we decided to put off our day trips on Hubby's four-day weekend and to go through each room putting things aside for the movers NOT to pack! Can't believe that the Movers will be here on the 15th of September! That really is just a few weeks away!We really are moving back Stateside.......doesn't seem's been along time!

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