Monday, June 14, 2010

Wild Winds

Last night we had a wild wind storm come through. It got real windy, 40mph winds, and we got some rain also. It was nice to see the rain, my garden loves rain. And we love eating what my garden produces:)

Wild wind for today is I think that when the Princess gets up we'll go out to lunch and shopping. We both need some shorts, so that is on the list to do today. We went to my parents yesterday and spent the day and the Bookworm decided that he wanted to spend a few nights there, so he did. He hates to shop!

I'm listening to the weather as I type this and it is suppose to be 100 degrees here today with a heat advisory of 105....yikes.

I am looking forward to tonight. I am going to a coupon savers class. I am looking forward to learning how to save more and more money when I go to the grocery store! I don't know about you, but I am all about looking at the sale papers, and cutting my coupons and trying to save as much as possible. Makes me think of ways that we can save. What are some ways that you try to save?

Lets talk about saving.....BP needs to really do something about their oil spill. What is it going to take, and obviously Obama isn't doing anything about it either! Enough is enough, BP has had more than enough time to fix the problem, it's time to hand it over to someone that does know how to fix it. In fact, there is another Country that has offered to fix the problem, they know how to fix it and they can clean up the oil that has leake....but of course we have refuse...geez come on people!

What's your wild wind for today?

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