Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flute, Camps, Braces and Band

Summer is here and so is the money tree! What tree you ask? Yeah, wouldn't that be nice, if we had money trees!

So, the Princess needs a new flute. One of the keys on her flute messed up months ago and it is not fixable, and yes we got it checked out by a professional. So for the past two months of school, she has used one of the ones from school. The problem is that the last day of school she had to turn it in. Now she needs another one, and we have to get it before she leaves for Church Camp in about 3 weeks. She is so bored not having her flute. That is all that she does is play her flute all the time. So.....tomorrow we will be ordering a Geimnhardt flute for her.

Both the kids are going to Church Camps this Summer. The Bookworm is actually doing a Middle School Mission Trip, and the Hubby and I are chaperoning. We are looking forward to it. We will be leaving in about 2 weeks. Then about a week and a half after we get back the Princess leaves for her Church Camp. She is looking forward to it, she will be participating in the Praise and Worship Team at Camp, thus why we have to get her another flute!

Braces....yes, the Princess also needs braces, which she will probably be getting on after she gets back from her Church Camp. We have already seen the Orthodontist and she has a moderate over bite and crowding in her bottom teeth. So braces, here we come:)

Then there is Band, yes, the Princess will in the 9th grade when school starts back and will be in Marching Band, thus more money!!! It cost 200 dollars to be in marching band, and then we also have to pay a 100 dollar family fee! Yeah, 100 dollar family fee! Yikes!! Thank the Lord that they have a payment plan for the 200 dollars!

So as we add all of this up, we're roughly talking about 1000.00!!! OHHHHH MMMMM GGEE!

Non the less, gotta do what you gotta do! Oh yeah, then throw in Summer Vacation!

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