Monday, June 21, 2010


This weekend was a good weekend! Saturday was a work day at our home and we all four worked in the yard picking up sticks, pine cones, mowing, weed-eating and edging! Then we fixed some pretty neat netting over the garden so that the birds will not be able to eat anymore of our veggies! We also through up the pool for the kids so that they have something to jump in to cool them off and get them out of the house. Although they are very clever and have been putting the sprinkler under the trampoline to get cool while they jump on the trampoline in their swimsuits:)

Sunday was great too! The Hubby had a very nice and relaxing Father's Day. I planned out our whole day on Sunday over a couple of weeks ago. We had Bonjangles for breakfast(I went and got it and we ate it at home), then we went to Boomerang Bay and spend the day, we walked out the Park and we enjoyed a picnic lunch that I had packed, then we walked back in an enjoyed the rest of the day. It was nice, we had a great time. I could have lived in the Crocodile Run(lazy river) all day!

Today was a day of me going to the Doctor. We are trying a new med. for my cough, hopefully it will work, I see a Pulmonologist in a few weeks :( The Hubby and I and then the Princess and I ran some errands and now the Hubby just got back from taking the kids to their meeting for Youth Group, which is swimming! So the Hubby and I are fixing to grill some gourmet burgers and eat my German potato salad that I made.

It has been a good last couple of day! The Lord is good!

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